Children and Mental Health

Mental illness in children can be super hard to identify since the symptoms are often different than they are in adults. However, because of this the children often go untreated whereas they would have benefited greatly. These children often then go on to grow into adults with severe mental issues, at a point when they’re… Continue reading Children and Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month: Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder (CD) is one of the conditions that most of us aren’t too familiar with ! It’s characterized by “callous disregard for and aggression toward others, from pushing, hitting and bitting in early childhood to bullying, cruelty and violence in adolescence,” and only plagues about 4% of the population. CD often morphs into antisocial… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Conduct Disorder

The Black Man & Fatherhood

There’s this myth about black Fathers, one that’s very pervasive.  There’s this wild myth that black fathers don’t show up for their children. And we’re here to tell you that that’s simply not true.Tweet One of the reasons this myth exists is because of the data being compiled and interpreted by places like the Census… Continue reading The Black Man & Fatherhood