Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder, or manic depression, is widely known for its extreme mood swings and affects 2.5% of the population. In entertainment media you’ll see portrayed highs that look like total chaos or lows that look like staying in bed for weeks at a time. Realistically though those are the two opposite ends of the spectrum.… Continue reading Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health Awareness Month: Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder (CD) is one of the conditions that most of us aren’t too familiar with ! It’s characterized by “callous disregard for and aggression toward others, from pushing, hitting and bitting in early childhood to bullying, cruelty and violence in adolescence,” and only plagues about 4% of the population. CD often morphs into antisocial… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Conduct Disorder

Mental Health Awareness Month: Anxiety

I’m sure you’re all familiar with anxiety. It’s a feeling we’ve all encountered many times before for a lot of different reasons. Many anxiety sufferers describe it as a feeling of nervousness and dread that can be distracting at best and all-consuming at worst. Anxiety is typically experienced on many levels, affecting your emotions, leading… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Anxiety

Postpartum Depression For Black Moms

Almost 80% of all women suffer from postpartum depression at least once. That’s significantly more than half. We’re talking millions and millions of women suffering from a severe form of the ‘baby blues’ at any given moment. 13.4% of those women identify as black or African American. So what is postpartum depression, or PPD ?… Continue reading Postpartum Depression For Black Moms

We Need Help And It’s Okay

Life is hard but I cannot break my spirit. I was a child who gave away their lunch with someone else was hungry. Gave my brother the blanket while I shivered in the cold. Wiped away my mom's tears and swallow back my own. Sacrifice my back for a beatingin to save my sisters. This… Continue reading We Need Help And It’s Okay