What Is Decoded ?

A non-profit organization eliminating the stigma of mental health in the African American community.

Mission Statement

To provide adequate and culturally competent mental health services to those in Montgomery County by focusing on affordability of services, representation of African American therapists and providing resources and skills to debunk the myths surrounding mental health in the African American community.

Vision Statement

To bridge the gap between mental health and the African American community. Through our inclusive, interactive and informative events, our goal is to help eliminate the stigma of mental health.

Our Core Values, The 3 Things We Live By


Decoded aims to uplift a community that has been affected by trauma and other barriers that have strained our mental health and quality of life for decades.


Decoded is here to empower those, especially in the African American community, to speak freely about their traumas in a judgement free zone. We advocate for those seeking professional help by providing resources to mental health professionals in the community.


Decoded’s main purpose is to bring awareness to both, the historical and daily traumas that African Americans face, by talking about these challenges and eliminating the stigma behind expressing feelings and seeking help if needed.

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